Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 14: 12/1-12/7

Song of Soloman

Balance: Seven days (154)
"I help keep the numbers the same" (154).
This line definitely stuck out to me while reading. This kind of thinking is really hard to understand, but when I really look at it from Guitar and the Seven Days perspective it makes sense. In a way they have been brainwashed to hard white people. All the horrific acts they have witnessed white people do definitely make their mindsets more understandable. In this section Guitar talks about how for every black person a white man kills they will kill a white man to keep the balance. The ethics of this in modern times is really easy to say this is wrong, but back in this time period could you really say its wrong? I definitely have more sympathy for this situation when I put myself in this day and age. If so much negative energy and actions were around me I would have a hard time not thinking exactly like Guitar. To go along with that, this quote, "It doesn't matter who did it. Each and every one of them could do it" (155). Also brings up a very similar ethical question and I have the same response of it being wring, but if I really put myself in the situation I don't hate Guitar for acting like he does.

"there is no one thing one man wont do to another"
We talked about this quote in class and it really made me think. I still cant decide if I think this quote is true or false because I see both in it. When I think about others or the hangings that we watching in a video, I think this quote is true because there are just so many horrible things that have happened and in desperate times I do think people can go against their values/morals and be truly ruthless. But on the other end of the spectrum, I think this is false because when I think of the world I want to believe their are truly good people out there and I want to think this of myself. I try to hold myself to a high moral standard and I could never think of doing a violent act to another person but if it came down to life of death I don't really know exactly how I would react in a time of desperation. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this, but I do think its important to think about both sides and how they impact each individual.

Without Sanctuary Video
This video was about postcards that showed pictures of hangings. It was a really hard video to watch and even comprehend. Not living during these times detaches me from the horror of it all. I think the worst part about these photos are the bystanders. The mass crowds at these hangings is gross to me. Families are supporting and watching killings. It baffles me to think, how was their not one person to be horrified by the killing of another human to stand up and just walk away. The hangings look like a sport with all the spectators and I don't know why it has so many fans.
Another part of that adds to this video is the fact that these photos aren't just photos but are on postcards. They have made this horrific act into art. When I think of art I think of beauty and this is not something beautiful or to be made into art. I can't understand why someone would want to share the killing of another human. This concept is crazy to me and I really don't understand how this could ever happen.

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