Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 13: 11/24

Song of Soloman

The love thats been shown this far in the novel has been untrue. None of it seems legit and it will be interesting to see how these different loves progress. So far I think the love between Milkman and Hagar has been most substantial and I'm can see it either not working out or hopefully turning in a more honest type of love. I think the misshapen love shown in this novel really goes with the race dynamics in this novel. The tension and hate between the two races is kinda mimicked in the love shown. Even though the relationships haven't been between two races, the ever so present tension is still symbolized in these relationships. 

Emmett Till:
Emmett Till was a African-American teen who was lynched after "flirting with a white women." His mother made his funeral an open casket to show how horrific his lynching was. His face was extremely mutilated and just showed how inhuman this killing was. I had never heard of this specific lynching before but I thought it was really interesting to read about. The strength his mother had to be brave enough to show he sons body like that was a huge statement on how wrong this was. It is a big statement towards the white power structure and how wrong peoples mindsets were (and some still are today.) The small act of flirting with someone of the opposite race was enough for someone to kill Till. A completely innocent act that cost him his life. This is no way to live. Being scared for every action you make because it could be a life or death matter. I can't imagine having to watch every little action because thats not a way to truly live life.

Different length legs:
"By the time Milkman was fourteen he had noticed that one of his legs was shorter than the other" (62). When I read this the first time, I didn't pay much attention to it and just thought it was something else to know about Milkman and that maybe this would be one of his flaws in the end of the book. We talk about how it couples with his characteristics. It shows how he feels discomfort to be on the ground. He is definitely an individual and this weird limp he has can portray how he walks though life differently than most. His discomfort on the ground can be juxtaposed with his want to be able to fly.

The theme of flight is very present in this novel. What I find interesting about it is knowing whether or not this is literally referring to flight of just the idea of flight. Literally flight is magical and something outside of a humans possibilities. Figuratively, this flight theme is a theme that means this journey will be like taking flight. Starting on the ground and slowly becoming free and realizing the truths.
Pilate is a character that embodies this theme. Obviously a pilate (or pilot) relates to flight and this is exactly what her character is. For her character, her literal flight is her independence and the way she carries her life. Figuratively her flight can be related to how she is portrayed as a Christ figure. For one she makes wine for a living. She had a very abnormal birth, she crawled out of the womb and doesn't have a bellybutton. She is a character who is very concerned with the truth and this is something you could related to a Christ figure. 

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