Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 10: 11/3-11/9


Critic #2:
In my week 9 journal, I wrote about a positive critic of this book, but after having class on Tuesday, I wanted to explore the more critical review of the book. Although this book received a lot of praise, it also has a lot of hate. I decided to read the blog, "I Hate Cheryl Strayed," that you put up in class. Talking about it in class and just reading the title of the blog was a shock, but actually going through some of the blog posted left me thinking a lot about this book and how someone could hate this book and Cheryl so much. First of all, whoever writes this blog is so dedicated to it. It's kinda crazy how much effort has gone into hating on a single person and book.

Even though I've read and we talked about all the hate, I still enjoy the book. After hearing about the flaws, it does kinda ruin some of the detail of the book because I stop and think they could be lies, but I still got a lot of insight. Much like for the Book of Wanderings, I related to Stayed's need to just get out of her comfort zone. I don't think I'll ever do a backpacking trip as crazy as this, but I definitely relate to her need to run away from life for a bit so she can get a hold of her life. In a little way, I do this by just taking a days/time for myself. Usually, I just go for a walk or to a coffee shop and just sit and be alone for a while. I do this just to think and escape from all the busyness around me. In Strayed's Ted Talk, she talked about her "greatest sufferings" and the lessons she learned from it. The one lesson that stuck out to me to most was when she said she learned the, "power in simplicity." I really made me think about my life. I've always been that girl to look up ways to be more happy or more productive and simplicity is a common theme that comes up. Stayed's talk just reminded me of this and it was really the perfect time for me to hear this in college. College is a crazy time. I'm always busy and constantly feel like there is more to be finished. This theme of simplicity just reminded me to think about everything I'm grateful for instead of complaining about being too busy. I really enjoyed her talk but, the one thing that really suck with me was that I need to remember to appreciate all the simple things I have to be grateful for.

Strayed's Epiphany:
The critic brought a lot of doubt about this book to me. In class, I felt like my perspective was completely changed, but thinking about it more, I still enjoy this book. Even thought their may be some false details, I don't think it takes away from Strayed's epiphany and how it effects the reader. Through her epiphany, I got that everyone has an internal strength they need to find. Everyone finds it in a different way, but it's always there. I loved this book because of the little things it reminded me about my life.  I think if someone can get meaning or a new perspective from this story, it's meaningful no matter what the circumstances of the details are.

Final Thoughts:
We talked a lot about the message we got from this book and if it was credible or not. But how I see it is even if it's not 100% truthful, if you can take something away from it, it is an impactful book. Yes, it would be nice to know all of Strayed's experiences were truthful, but I really don't think it should impact what you take away. I personally really enjoyed reading this book because it made me internalize my own life.  For example, in my last journal, I wrote about all the different ME's I have been and this really got me thinking about all the possibilities there are for me. As a college student, I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I just switched majors and the possibility of switching is always an option. This book eased my nervous about having one ME I need to become. For me this was one of the biggest revelations I had from this book. I have so many possibilities and the thought of this now excites me because who know what I will do next with my life and whatever I do, the experience is always worth it.

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